Heated Doghouse

Why is Infraheating good for our pet?

A significant part of solar energy is also constituted by this type of radiation. This is why we feel that sunshine is warm. It has a positive effect on the bodies of both dogs and humans. 80% of infrared radiation heats the surrounding objects, while 20% of it heats the air. Thereby, it is capable of achieving a higher sensation of warmth even at lower a temperature. It does not use a conducting medium, it rather directly heats the surrounding objects, persons and animals, since energy is flowing from the panels directly and steadily, in contrast with conventional filament heating.

Heated dog houses using infra technology, which is widely known to be the best form of heating for animals, are now available in a broad size selection. The selection of professional quality kennels and doghouses has been expanded.

Infra heated SINB doghouse parameters:

  • Economical automatic infra heating
  • PUR insulated side walls
  • Washable stainless steel panel structure
  • Extraordinarily durable construction
  • Entrance and corner protectors
  • Openable telescopic roof for easy cleaning
  • Wear-resistant carpet
  • Windbreaker entrance curtain
  • Adjustable internaltemperature


How does infra heating work?
One of the general characteristics of infra radiation is that infra beams do not heat the air, only the objects and living beings that they reach. In an unparalleled manner, the system’s rate of efficiency can approach 100%. Operated with electricity (230 V) it is capable of artificially creating infrared waves. When the electricity is switched on it begins to heat up almost immediately.This wavelength is in a range that is invisible to our eyes, at the same time it creates a sensation of warmth. The beneficial physiological effects of infra-therapy used for the treatment and prevention of muscle and vascular-system problems are also known from human healthcare. Currently, this is the best known, available technology for appropriately keeping animals warm worldwide. 
Be prepared for cold weather and use a Thermo-Renato or Thermo-Woody doghouse to keep your pet warm!

Get acquainted with our revolutionary new feature, the automatic InfraThermo Renato heated dog house!